What Does Lemon Juice Do In Food?

Have you ever wondered what Lemon Juice does to food? I will tell you!

1. Avocados. Have you ever noticed when you make guacamole the guacamole changes color after a bit? Well that’s because the avocado is exposed to air! If you add a tiny bit of lemon juice it keeps the guacamole fresh and green. This is because lemon contains citric acid.

2. Apples. If you cut an apple open to pack in your lunch, you have probably noticed that the apple turns brown. If you squeeze some lemon on the apple it will keep it fresh and it won’t discolor.

3. Canning. When canning food you need a certain amount of acid. If you do not have enough acid the canned foods can grow food borne diseases. So by adding lemon juice (because lemons contain citric acid) it keeps your canned foods safe!

4. Cheesemaking. Sometimes when making cheese like mozzarella and ricotta cheese you add citric acid. The citric acid makes the milk curdle and gives it the best taste. So by adding lemon juice it forms the cheese

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