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Traditional Crepe Pan VS Electric Crepe Pan

This is a Crepe Pan Review on a Traditional Crepe Pan vs an Electric Crepe Pan

If you’re looking for a delicious crepe recipe i love this recipe for Crepes! Dairy Free Crepes!

This Tefal pan is the best crepe pan out there. It is a non-stick crepe pan. This pan is very lightweight and extremely easy to use!

Tefal is an amazing brand! If you want more classical crepes i would recommend this Tefal pan. The Tefal pan is made for making classic crepes (large ones). This Tefal pan is super wide, but also easy to store.

I highly recommend a Crepe spreader, these come in very handy when making crepes on the stove and on electrical pans. A Crepe spreader is a classical crepe tool. Just two pieces of wood formed to make a handy tool to spread crepe batter. A lot of crepe makers use this especially at shops. But if you’re using a pan, you can simply pick up the pan and twirl it around. It’s not that ideal but it definitely works! I mean, a crepe is a crepe!

An Electric crepe pan is a great way to make fast crepes. The only down side with an electric crepe pan is you cannot pick up the pan and twirl it to around to spread around the batter. You will definitely have to use a crepe spreader, or a spatula.

On the other hand Electric crepe pans can be hard to store. They tend to be bigger, and come with a cord. You can store this on top of your fridge or just sitting on your counter!

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