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10 Inspirational Bakers To Follow On Pinterest

I love Pinterest!

If you haven’t signed up for Pinterest because you don’t know how it works or don’t get it, just trust me, you will fall in love with it!

It’s actually very simple and extremely helpful! And with these Bakers To Follow On Pinterest, you’ll be busy for days!

Pinterest has so many great ideas for all sorts of things, especially cooking and baking ideas!

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Follow these Bakers…

Now about those Inspirational Bakers To Follow On Pinterest…

1. Rosanna Pansino. Rosanna Pansino also known as Ro is a very inspiring baker. She is known for her YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino where she post baking videos and vlogs about her life with her 2 dogs.

2. The Icing Artist. Laurie Shannon from the icing artist is a very talented baker. Laurie Shannon also has a YouTube channel The Icing Artist. She does videos themed around holidays and life hacks for baking.

3. How To Cake It. Yolanda Gampp is popular for her step by step videos on Youtube, HowToCakeIt. On this channel she posts once a week. She posts incredible cakes she has made while she is narrating them.

4. Sally’s Baking Addiction. Sally from Sally’s Baking Addiction is know for her amazing recipes, on her blog and her YouTube channel, Sally’s Baking Addiction.

5. Betty Crocker. Betty Crocker is known for their world wide box mixes. You can check out Betty Crockers YouTube channel called, Betty Crocker where they post baking how to’s.

Don’t stop reading now…

6. SkyRunningGirl. Naia from SkyRunningGirl makes healthy and vegan recipes for athletes. Her recipes are very simple and so delicious!

7. My Recipes. My Recipes is run by Nicole Nelson McLaughlin, she is the culinary producer of My Recipes. She also has a YouTube channel called My Recipes, on there they post baking hacks and tips.

8. Find Your Cake Inspiration. Diana from Find Your Cake Inspiration is a very talented cake decorator, her cakes will just WOW you!

9. British Girl Bakes. Emily is from British girl bakes. Emily has a YouTube channel called British Girl Bakes and she does simple tutorials on cake baking.

10. Molly Yeh. Molly Yeh is the creator of She also has a YouTube channel called Molly Yeh, this is where she posts baking videos.